Monday, September 12, 2016

Tuesday and Wednesday, September 13th and 14th

Good Morning!  

Goals: Learn how to view comments, rubric, and grade on  Continue to learn about our classmates.  Assess understanding of two-chunk paragraph and terminology. To become aware of word choice/diction and how words can have both connotative and denotative meanings.


1) You will be taking your assessment on Goformative.  I want you to SIGN in using GOOGLE.  You do not need to create an account!  It's much easier.  
To LOG IN, Click here

The CLASS CODE for our assessment is 

You may wish to copy and paste the class code to make it easier. 

       Period 1  
Class Code:ETXG424

  Period 2- Class Code:VPTU624

  Period 3  Class Code:JUWC734

2) Look at feedback on turnitin for your two-chunk paragraph essay

3)  Finish presentations of classmates

What do you think of the word in red? 

4) Notes on diction, connotation, denotation

SlideShare I created for notes and practice

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