Friday, September 9, 2016

Monday, September 12

Good Morning!  I hope you enjoyed sleeping in this morning.

Goals: Become familiar with viewing feedback/rubric on Practice speaking skills and learn about classmates.


1) Watch as Mrs. Karney shows you how to view your comments and feedback on  View your own comments and feedback.

2) Practice your presentation.  I will use this rubric.

3)  Share your presentation with me.  I will need to show it on the big screen.

To do this:

To share a google doc, click on the blue button in the upper-right hand corner that says SHARE.  Type in my last name karney.  You will see my email pop up ( Click on it. Click done. 

4) Begin Presentations


Quiz on two-chunk paragraph tomorrow or Wednesday (depends on what period you have me)  Use the Quizlet game I created. The link is in my previous post.

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