Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Thursday, September 8th and Friday, September 9th

Happy Thursday and Friday!

If you haven't set up a turn it in account, make an appointment with me for today at CAT. You will need an account to turn in your paper.  

Goals:  Continue practicing, becoming familiar with the two-chunk paragraph format.  Learn how to submit work digitally to  Learn how to use Google Slides


1) Finish your two-chunk paragraph on the person you interviewed. Make sure to include the NAME of the person you interviewed in your paragraph. The examples and rubric are in yesterday's post.

2)  Watch Mrs. Karney show you HOW to turn in your paper to  It's so easy!  

REMEMBER-User name for turnitin is the EMAIL you brought to class.  The password is LIKELY the same one you use to log in to the computers here at school.  A couple of you had to change it because it was too long.  

3)  Play a fun game  to help us prepare for our quiz on the two-chunk paragraph tomorrow.  It will be FUN.  Anything on the  game will likely be on our quiz. 

4) Begin working on Google Slide about the person you interviewed

  • font that can be easily seen
  • name of person (first and last)
  • five facts to share
  • picture to complement your information


Chunk paragraph quiz Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on when you have my class)-study all notes, handouts, examples, Here's a link to PRACTICE. Quizlet Practice for Quiz.

Two chunk paragraph is due TOMORROW night by 10PM.  Anything after that is considered late.

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