Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Thursday and Friday September 22nd and 23rd

Thank you so much for your work on our writing assessment!  

Goals: To expand our vocabularies by learning new words.  To practice using context clues.  To practice using close reading strategies.  To look at author's techniques and analyze the effect of these techniques.


1) Complete vocabulary activity before reading the story

"Three Skeleton Key" vocabulary sheet
2) RATS video clip

3) Listen to the story (I love the narrator's creepy voice). Mrs. Karney will be pausing to ask questions, clarify what is happening, ask questions, etc.

You can read it here

Text of "Three Skeleton Key"

We will focus on these terms/techniques:

suspense  (How does author create it?)
foreshadowing-Jaws clip

You can find a helpful handout of words to know here:

Plot Terms and literary techniques (You might want to print this out and keep in your notebook)

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