Saturday, September 17, 2016

Monday, September 19th

Happy Fourth Week of School!

Goals: Practice editing our work for the best diction.  Build our writing community! Author a masterpiece.


1) Check homework-three memoirs = full credit NO late homework

2) Share our memoirs "Speed Dating" Style- Have your peers help you choose the most meaningful, powerful, appealing memoir.  Work with your table mates to edit your final choice for the best possible word choice. Remember all that we have learned about the connotation of words!

3) Publish your final draft on Google Slides.

  • Requirements:
thoughtful, original, good diction, error free, slide is visually appealing and background complements the memoir.

Period 1 Slide Show

Period 2 Slide Show

Period 3 Slide Show

Mentor Sentences - We will be using mentor sentences to analyze punctuation and grammar, as well as to look at models of good writing.

Click here to go to Socrative where we will share our amazing sentences and vote on our favorites


Bring your favorite writing tool tomorrow.  You will also need notebook paper-NOT the kind you rip out of a spiral notebook. :)

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