Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thursday and Friday, September 15th and 16th

We are half way through September! Make sure you are writing down your assignments in your agenda and checking your teacher's webpage/blog regularly.  Stay organized.  This will help you be successful. 

Goals:  Continue to focus on word choice and connotation and denotation. Demonstrate ability to use the perfect words to communicate an important idea.


1)Watch this clip to see how things can go wrong when you aren't careful using new words

2)Group activities

Look at a these lists of words and identify the overall denotation

Sorting words in order of positive to negative connotation.  I will give you the words to sort.

3) Six Word Memoirs   

Click here to watch examples of Six Word Memoirs

Step by Step Directions for Your Six Word Memoir


Bring THREE different rough drafts of six word memoirs.  They do not have to be colored or have pictures.  Written in a notebook is fine.  Remember, I do not accept late homework; this is homework!

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