Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday, February 7th and Wednesday, February 8th

Happy first day of book club!  I hope you are enjoying the first few pages of your book!

GOALS: To continue to improve on writing a summary of an expository article, as well as our annotating skills.  To participate in a meaningful discussion of our book club book using academic language.


Meet with your book club.  Mrs. Karney will come around and check your job.  If you finish before the other groups, begin reading for your next meeting!

Prereading discussion/table share (I will post questions in class)
Discuss the word tone

Go to Newsela and read an article of your choice. Take notes as you read. Take the quiz when you finish.


Prepare for your book club meeting!  We will be meeting every block day, so make sure you know what your job is. Remember, if you are absent, you must still share your job with your group to get credit. 

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