Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday, February 23rd and Friday, February 24th

Goals: To finish our narratives. To work on revising our writing to make it even better. To review what we've learned recently.  


Meet in Book Clubs
Fifteen minutes to finish and/or print narratives on  Walter Mitty
Turn in narratives to turnitin. Make sure to follow Mrs. Karney's SPECIFIC instructions. 

Revise descriptive passages.
Publish to Kidblog
Comment on at least four passages.

Feedback on assignment 

Period 2 Click HERE to fill out the Google Form.

Periods 1 and 3 Click  HERE to fill out the Google Form.  THANK YOU

IF time, review the past few weeks with a Kahoot created by Mrs. Karney.  

Bring a PRINTED copy of your Walter Mitty Narrative on Monday.
Prepare for book club

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