Friday, February 24, 2017

Monday, February 27th

Happy Monday and a Late Start Day!


Turn in your Walter Mitty story if you haven't already (hard copy).
Kahoot review of last few weeks(15 questions)

Sentence seeds: Grow a sentence

The person walked down the street.

  1. Identify their occupation
  2. Include an appositive with the person’s name  
  3. Replace walked and street with more concrete word choices
  4. add adjectives for the person and the street
  5. Add adverbs and/or adverbial phrases to tell when and how the action took place
  6. Relate why this action took place.

The person cleaned.

  1. Identify the person
  2. Add adjectives to describe the person
  3. Specify what they cleaned and describe
  4. Teel how they cleaned it and what they used to complete the  job
  5. Relate the purpose of cleaning.


Submit story to turnitin by 10PM tonight.
Print and decorate your favorite sentence seed.

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