Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Thursday, March 2nd and Friday, March 3rd


Book Club Activity-Character "Zodiac" project
You will choose three or more characters from your book ( I will tell your individual group how many).  On your poster you will write:
Character's Name
Sign you chose
Fill out this chart about why you chose the sign you chose to represent EACH  character. Therefore, you will have separate charts for EACH character.  I suggest TYPING these paragraphs and gluing them onto your poster.  Your poster should contain illustrations to go along with your writing.  
You will choose  from ONE of the below for your project.
Chinese Zodiac Signs
Native American Zodiac Signs
Celtic Tree Astrology Signs

Research/contact/tweet/email/learn about your author!


  • What motivated them to write the book?
  • What experiences (if any) influenced them to write the book?
  • What else have the written?
  • When did they start writing? How long did it take for them to get published?
  • Anything else!
Newsela-Claims and Evidence activity



Look at book club planning sheet. We only have a few more meetings. Our celebration is coming up!

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