Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday, May 9th and Wednesday May 10th

Ch. 12 Quiz
Read Ch. 13 and 14

To Do:
Read Ch. 15 Read by next class
Chapter 13
  1. Why do you think the Giver’s advice is not frequently called upon?

  1. What NEW memory did the Giver give Jonas this time? Why?

  1. Why is it difficult for the Giver to have a spouse?

  1. When children grow up into adults, what happens to their parents in Jonas’s world? Why?  

  1. What happened 10 years ago?

Chapter 14
  1. Why must the Receiver have painful memories?

  1. How does Jonas change as he experiences more pain?

  1. Why do you think one of the sets of identical twins is always released?

  1. What memory did Jonas give Gabe? How did he do it and why?

  1. Why do you think Jonas was able to transmit a memory to Gabriel when he couldn’t with Asher?

Watch Video
Quickwrite- Take out a piece of paper and answer the following questions. You have 5 minutes. You should be writing for ALL of those 5 minutes.

Is color important? Why or why not? Why can only Jonas see the color red? How would Jonas describe the color red to friends and family if he were allowed to talk about his assignment? Is it hard to describe the color red to someone who has never seen it before? Why or why not?

Color Activity
Take out something to write with.
Take 1 minute to silently brainstorm adjectives and emotions for the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Walk around the room and write down at least 2 adjectives and 1 emotion for each color.

After you have finished adding your adjectives and emotions to the posters, walk around the classroom and see what your peers added to the posters.

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