Monday, January 30, 2017

Thursday, February 2nd and Friday, February 3rd

Happy Block Day! Today we will practicing how punctuation, as well as emulating good writing.  We will also plan out our readings for book club!  We will also work on a skill with Newsela.  


Here are the mentor sentences.  You may wish to make a COPY of the sentences and type your work directly on the document.  OR, you may write it on paper.  Write down everything YOU notice about each sentence.  You will then share these observations with your group.  Next, you will write our OWN, individual examples.


Meet with your book club group to plan out your readings.  
Make a copy of THIS document and share with ALL group members. It must be completely filled in. I will be printing a copy to hold each person accountable for what they signed up to do.  

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