Monday, November 28, 2016

Tuesday, November 29th and Wednesday, November 30th

Goals: To learn to use Google search effectively. To begin preparing for our informational essay by looking at how a writer conveys information and the organizational structure she uses. To continue our reading of the novel.


1) Quickly review vocabulary from Monday
2) Finish chapter 5 while Mrs. Karney checks your homework and circles the  three topics she thinks will work best for the upcoming essay
3) How to use Google Search to find reliable information
4) Read an example of "Who Made That" and chart/chunk the text

This is an additional example. I cannot provide a link of the one we read in class. Sorry.
Who Made the Slip and Slide?

Bring two or THREE articles to use for writing your essay on the NEXT block day. You will NOT be allowed to leave to go to the media center. Please don't ask. Remember to use the tools we talked about in class when choosing your articles.

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